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What is Retained Recruitment?

Often a misinterpreted element of recruitment is choosing between a standard, contingent process, or to start working with an agency on a retained project. Here we’re hoping to simplify the more complicated elements of retained recruitment to really get to grips with it.

So, what is retained recruitment?

In simple terms, it means your chosen recruiter will be retained specifically to your business, giving them exclusivity so that they can prioritise your project and pool specialist resources and time dedicated to your needs.

Retained recruitment can be used across all areas of Sales Recruitment, particularly where market salaries are more competitive or suitable candidates can be scarce. Often known by other names like ‘headhunting’, ‘search and selection’, or ‘executive search’, retained recruitment is associated with priority job roles within a business – this would typically include Business Development Managers, Account Managers, Head of Sales, and Sales Directors.

There are many hidden gems of opting for a retained recruiter…

Firstly, it doesn’t cost you anything more, (sometimes it will cost less!) and you will receive a far higher level of service. Secondly, as they’re working exclusively on your vacancy, they will exercise much higher consideration and due diligence in sourcing you the candidates that are most suited to your vacancy.

Agencies will be better placed to help with a retained project if they’re specialists within a certain market, having contact and conversations daily within the industry. They will use their network and knowledge of the sector to headhunt the right candidate, rather than a rat race against other agencies in a first past the post process.

In the rarefied atmosphere of big salaries, bigger benefits, and massive levels of responsibility, a retained recruiter will also understand that discretion is essential and will go out of their way to ensure that confidentiality is maintained.

Lastly, rather than working your way through a pile of applications, a retained recruiter, in an ideal world, should generally provide you with dossiers on four or five candidates who have been thoroughly researched and approached on your behalf. All that’s left for you to do is carry out the final interviews. So, while you will be giving up some control over the process here, it’s not necessarily a bad thing as it cuts down your workload!

Hopefully you now have a far better understanding of retained recruitment – not so difficult after all!

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