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What International Recruitment Has To Offer

Job vacancies can be difficult to fill, especially when it comes to finding niche talents. Recruiting within your home country is no longer the only option! As the world becomes increasingly globalised, more and more companies are becoming international. It is now easier than ever to travel or relocate to another country, making people more open to the idea of a job abroad.

Many companies are looking for young bilinguals who are experienced with several markets and languages. This can help companies grow and expand into new markets which they would have never thought of before!

So, why should you recruit internationally?

#Widens talent pool

Recruiting candidates who live overseas has many perks for the business. It widens the available talent pool – just because you can’t find that perfect candidate locally, doesn’t mean they don’t exist. UK companies employ over 5million people from overseas.

International recruitment also allows for more diversity within your workforce. Overseas workers may have different thinking patterns to local employees. They may see things from an alternative perspective. According to McKinsey, companies in the top quartile for racial and ethnic diversity are 35% more likely to have financial returns above their respective national industry medians.

Those who are willing to relocate for a job, show that they are driven and motivated. It is very unlikely that someone will make the effort to move abroad and not work hard at their new job.

If you are recruiting for remote candidates, this shows you offer flexible working and can make you a more attractive employer.

#New cultures

International recruitment also enables the opportunity to experience a new culture and market. Also, the employees will understand the local rules, such as how customer service should be done. They will be able to work in the local language, which can also allow the business to expand to work in multiple countries.

#New skills and qualifications

International employees may have the skills and qualifications that local workers may not have, especially within science and tech roles. If you are recruiting a very niche role, looking for potential candidates abroad is definitely something you should consider as they may have the experience and skills needed for that specific role which could be hard to source in your home country. According to prospects, around 79,000 jobs in the UK were hard to fill due to skills shortages, so looking abroad may be the only option!  

As well as different cultures, foreign workers also come from different education systems. They will have new qualifications and skills that local employees may not have. They may even be able to find new solutions to your problems. They will certainly be an asset to your team!

Take Apple as an example, their products are designed by Apple in California, but assembled in China. This is because the infrastructure and labor force in America doesn’t exists at the levels necessary to support Apple’s operations. The workers in China have the knowledge and skills to be able to manufacture Apple’s products more efficiently than those in America.

#Create a Global Brand

Recruiting internationally helps to build your brand and increase awareness of your business in those countries, a free marketing tool! A Global presence can increase business for your company and therefore speed up the growth and development of your business.

Recruiting internationally has many benefits, it can bring great growth to your business and introduce more skills and cultures. Why not hire internationally?

A partner that has experience in multiple companies will be able to help you with your overseas recruitment needs. Here at SalesRec, we are experienced working with multiple countries, so for any overseas recruitment needs, don’t hesitate to get in touch at

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