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What Your Coffee Says About You

It’s part of your daily routine, you drink it to get the job done and you’re only mildly addicted. Or that’s what you keep telling yourself…

Of course, we’re talking about coffee! And like it or not your coffee order, like your wardrobe, can say a lot about you.

The Flat White

You’ve been drinking Flat Whites before it was cool and (apparently) drink coffee for the taste… It’s only slightly irritating when you tell everyone “this is the way that coffee should be drunk”. Promise.

Keeping it simple with the Flat White, you like to be in control and stick to a routine. You haven’t got time for those pricey syrups and frankly don’t see the point.

The Latte

The Latte is so customisable, it’s hard to pin you down. You’re spontaneous. Often blurting out which syrup you want last second, despite having analysed the menu hundreds of times before.

You’re a risk-taker who’s always open to new challenges and opportunities. You take the world as it comes and you’re ready for anything it may throw at you.

The Cappuccino

The Cappuccino drinkers have a sweet tooth but like the consistency that the drink brings. Unlike the Latte drinkers, you don’t like to take so many risks, especially when it comes to your caffeine.

You’re a creature of habit. Plus, those chocolate sprinkles just can’t be replaced with syrups…

Black Americano

The strong Black Americano doesn’t mess around and neither do those who drink it. Arguably the most disgusting coffee, you have to be made of strong stuff to drink it. Never mind enjoy it.

You’ve got a strong work ethic. The first and last one in the office every day. You don’t give up and will see each job through to the very end.


The Espresso is a quick drink. Not one for time wasters. You get straight to the point. You want your caffeine hit and you want it quick.

You’re not afraid to tell it how it is. People can come to you for an honest response. And they can rely on you to get the job done. Fast.


The Mocha lovers are indecisive but ambitious. You want it all! You know you can’t have the world, but it won’t stop you from trying.

Because you’re a problem-solver, you’ll feed your cravings for both hot chocolate and coffee by ordering the good old 2-in-1.